AmCham Digital Technologies and Innovation Committee’s November Meeting

On November 6, 2019, AmCham Digital Technology and Innovation Committee hosted its monthly meeting.

Ms. Kamilla Shakhbazov, Chairperson of the Committee, opened the meeting by welcoming speakers, participants and announced the agenda.

The discussion was dedicated to Cybersecurity and hosted by two speakers:

Mr. Mark Pfeifle, Cybersecurity Expert, former White House Advisor

Mr. Vladimir Remyga, Director, Risk Advisory at Deloitte.

Mr. Justin Berg, Commercial Officer of the US Embassy, in his short speech cited US Ambassador’s words about the importance of cyber-security and proposed Azerbaijan to become a cyber-security hub for the region.

Mr. Pfeifle’s speech dedicated to global problems, specifically, IPR as a step to prevent cybersecurity threats. At the end, he gave recommendations on how to prevent cybersecurity crises: keep all licensees updated, move towards the cloud and increase awareness about these risks.

Mr. Remyga made a presentation dedicated to Cyber crisis management: readiness, response, and recovery. Cyber incidents, such as organizations’ infrastructure devices hacked, websites crashed, email copied, stolen credit card data, discussed during the presentation and he provided an approach to efficiently manage such kind of risks. Additionally, he indicated 6 key areas of the Cyber incident response program: governance, strategy, technology, business operations, risk & compliance, remediation. He also talked about the Deloitte Center for Crisis Management which was very useful for clients to get information on how to prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from any major crisis.

In the end, Mr. Rufat Hajialibayov concluded by highlighting the main points to prevent Cyber crisis:

  1. National strategy for the government;
  2. Increase awareness through education;
  3. Continue promoting official licensing and GDPR.

The discussion followed with an active Q&A session

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November 06, 2019 10:00 AM
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